Inventory Managment

Gain control over your inventory with Service Proz’s Inventory Management feature. Knowing your inventory usage trends and your most commonly used inventory items helps your business to operate more efficiently, profitably, and smoothly. The Service Proz Inventory Alert Module advises you when your inventory has reached a minimum threshold, signaling your reorder point. If a work order is not fulfilled because of an inventory stock-out, then the work order is placed in a “Back Order” status until the required inventory is received and made available.

Multiple Locations

With the Service Proz Inventory Management feature, you can track inventory levels at multiple locations, including warehouses and vehicles. Tracking your distributed inventory alongside associating your field technicians with specific supply/replenishment locations provides you with increased control and visibility. The Service Proz Inventory Management feature lets you know where your inventory is throughout the entire network and who has access to the stock.

Automated Re-Order Points

By defining re-order points for your inventory, you ensure that your inventory network never falls below the defined minimum stock levels. Once the current inventory stock level reaches this threshold, the Service Proz Purchase Order feature automatically generates a purchase order for the selected supplier. Once the order is fulfilled and received, Service Proz automatically receives the inventory, updates the stock levels, and identifies any current work orders that are placed in “Back Order” status and releases the inventory so the work orders can be completed.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not only proper inventory management make your business more efficient, but it improves customer satisfaction by having the right parts available when are where they are needed. This means that you visit more customers per day and reduce the length of time the customer waits to be visited. Ultimately, this makes your customers happier and more confident about your services.

Inventory API

If your inventory data is held within an external system, you can import this data, via a pre-defined and populated Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, directly into the Service Proz Inventory Management tables. There is no data to key; the process is straightforward and automatic, and the data import occurs as frequently as you require.

Quick Books Interface

If your inventory data is held within QuickBooks then you can synchronize this data with the Service Proz Inventory Management feature ensuring that your inventory data is accurately reflected in both products.

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