Recurring Billing

Billing your customers should never be a complicated and painstaking task but sometimes such an essential activity seems to take forever to complete. But, with seamless QuickBooks integration, easy invoice set-up, and email functionality, Service Proz’s billing feature saves your company time and effort. Not only this, but Service Proz conducts recurring billing, meaning that your customers are billed automatically; on time, and every time.

Custom Invoices

Make your invoices truly your own by using Service Proz’s customizable options to transform a standard invoice into one that truly represents your company. Display your logo, add fields to provide all the information that’s needed, remove fields that are not required, and design different types of invoices to reflect the different services that you provide to customers. With Service Proz, all of this is easy to achieve.

Email Invoices While Still on the Job

How many times has a technician finished working for a customer but then there’s a delay between job completion and billing the customer for your services? This delay can cause enormous problems because it means you’re not being paid; and not being paid means your cash is lower than it should be. For some small businesses, this delay is fatal.

With Service Proz, your technicians can create and send invoices to the customer while still on site. No delays. Before the technician leaves, the customer has the invoice in their hand (or email Inbox) already, meaning delays are removed and you get paid more quickly.

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