Schedule Tracking

Manage Jobs, Technicians and Workloads in the Field and Office

Ideal for HVAC, Lawn Care, Appliance, Cleaning&Janitorial Companies, etc
Communicate in real-time with field technicians
No software to purchase or upload - avail as an inexpensive monthly service
Turn-key business solution for the field service industry
Throw out your old technique of scheduling with Excel or a whiteboard and save yourself and your business the headache of manual scheduling. Service Proz gives you an easy-to-use, clear scheduling interface to work with. With daily, weekly, and monthly views, the scheduling feature gives you the visibility you need to make your business a success.

Customer Scheduling

The Service Proz scheduling feature allows you to schedule appointments directly from the CRM feature, so dispatchers can easily and accurately schedule a customer while they are on the phone.

Employee Visibility

With color coded scheduling that changes based on what stage a job is in, you can easily see what progress your technicians. You can also see who is available to schedule, so that in case of an emergency, or if an employee calls in sick, you can easily call for backup or reschedule.

Point and Click Flexibility

If you are looking to fill your calendar to increase efficiency and profitability, Service Proz makes it easy to do with a point-and-click feature. Easily assign appointments to technicians based on location and skill, and rearrange if you need.

Personal Calendar Views

Based on the access you choose to give to your employees, each employee can have a personal calendar with daily, weekly, monthly and other views. Users can also integrate and sync their business calendar through Service Proz with other personal calendar applications like Outlook or Google Calendar.

Make It Easy to Run Your Business Smoothly

Service Proz’s scheduling feature provides you with the ability to see what is going on at all times during the day. From employee availability, to multiple view options, Service Proz’s scheduling gives you the ease and flexibility you need to keep on top of your employees and your customers. It takes the guesswork out of scheduling and helps with communication and execution as well. Coupled with Service Proz’s other easy-to-use workforce management features, Service Proz provides you with an end-to-end solution for all your business needs. We give you the tools you need to help your business operate at its optimal potential, all for a low, transparent price.

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