Technician Management

Gain control over your field service technicians while giving them the power to provide the best customer service possible. With mobile access, easy data entry, and information at their fingertips, Service Proz will make your technicians’ lives easier, all while allowing you to have better management over your operation.

Time sheets and Real Time Data

In order for your business to operate efficiently, profitably, and smoothly, you need to ensure that your employees are being utilized to their full potential of their skills because highly utilized technicians, who are doing the right jobs, help you to maximize billing revenues. With timesheets and check-ins that are accessible on the go from a technician’s mobile device, Service Proz gives you the power to know when a job is being completed and how many hours are being worked. We give you the visibility so you can rest easy, and help ensure that your customers are happy, because your business is running at optimal efficiency.

Easy Routing with Google Maps

Ensure that your technicians are finding your customers quickly and easily with Service Proz’s built in Google Maps feature. Technicians can print a map to take to their location or access directions straight from any mobile device while they are on the road.

Mobile Access

Technicians are fortunate in that they aren’t chained to a desk, but traveling on the road often means that they suffer from a lack of real time data and the latest information. Technicians can access the Service Proz solution on any mobile device, anywhere there is a mobile or wireless connection, accessing only the information you want them to see. Changes to their schedule, canceled appointments, or new service requests can all be seen on the go, instantly, through emails and text alerts.

Controlled Access

Worried that your technicians will get confused by an overload of information? With Service Proz, you have the ability to control how little or how much you want your technicians to see, and access.

Helping You Make Your Customers Smile

Managing your technicians properly makes your business more efficient, so you can visit more customers per day. By giving your technicians information at their fingertips, you enable them to give your customers the full picture, and answer their questions. This makes your customers happier and more confident about your services.

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