In an ever increasingly mobile world, technicians no longer need to visit a depot for their job information. They do not even need to receive a phone-call, or a text message from the Dispatch Office.
Today’s field technician is always connected, anywhere they are located, and at any time of the day with the latest and most up-to-date job and customer information. Whether they use tablet computers, laptops, or smartphones, Service Proz never stops communicating with your technicians.
It’s easy-to-use too with a simple and understandable user interface meaning that all levels of technician can interact correctly. And if things change, Service Proz has that covered too by automatically updating the schedule by pushing the new information out to the technician while alerting the technician all at the same time. The need to manually transmit information to the field is a thing of the past.
How often do your technicians need to complete timesheets? Is this another onerous and inaccurate manual process? But with Service Proz, this is automatic. Job start and completion times are known through electronic timestamps. Service Proz knows what’s been done, when, and for how long meaning that timesheets are produced without this being part of daily schedule administration.

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